Selim III.

Sultan Selim III was born in Istanbul, on 24th December 1761. He is the son of Sultan Mustafa III and Mihrisah Sultana. His mother is Georgian originated. His father Sultan Mustafa III was very influenced by the oracles and as they told his son Selim will a world-conqueror he organised a feast lasted seven days with great joy. Selim was grown with the joy of the day he was born. He was very well educated in the palace. Sultan Mustafa III bequeathed him as his successor. But, Selim's uncle Abdulhamid I ascended the throne after Sultan Mustafa. Sultan Abdulhamid I had taken care of Selim and put great emphasis on his education. After Abdulhamid's death Selim succeeded him on 7th April 1789, in his 28th year. Sultan Selim III was very fond of literature and calligraphy; many of his works were put on the walls of mosques and convents. He had spoken Arabic and Persian fluently. He was very religious, and very patriotic. He was a talented poet and a brilliant musician. He was a composer as well. He was also very fond of fine arts. Selim was a very modern man and a reformist ruler. He was planning to modernise the Ottoman Empire. When he was acceded, his people revealed their respect to him and they were very hopeful about his administrations. The Ottoman people hoped that this young modern sultan would have brought back the victorious days of the empire. Selim III left the throne to Mustafa on 29th May 1807 and he died a year 2 months later. The men of the new sultan during Alemdar Pasha Events killed him. His was buried in Laleli Mosque near his father's tomb. Selim III was very fond of literature and poetry. He wrote many poems, especially, he wrote very effective verses about Crimea's occupation by the Russian.

His Wifes : Nef-i Zar, Husn-i Mah, Zib-i Fer, Afitab, Re'fet, Nur-i Shems, Gonca-nigar, Dem-hosh, Tab-i Safa, Ayn-i Safa, Mahbube