Selim II.

Sultan Selim II was born on 28th May 1524, in Istanbul. He was the son of Suleyman the Magnificant and Hurrem Sultana. Hurrem Sultana was Slav originated. Because, Selim II had blond hair he often called as "Yellow Selim". Selim was very well educated. In his father's period he ruled many provinces in Anatolia. While acting as a governor he continued his education.Suleyman I had passed away when Selim was the governor of Kutahya. On hearing his father's death he went to Istanbul.He succeeded the throne at the age of 42. He was a insignificant sultan compered to his ancestors. His brothers Shehzade Bayezid and Mustafa were killed during his father Suleyman's period and he ascended the throne without any conflicts. But, he was not as talented as his father Suleyman or his grandfather Selim I. Under successful administrations of experienced statesmen of the period especially grand vizier Sokollu Mehmet Pasha the empire continued to be a world power. Sokollu Mehmed Pasha had been the grand vizier for 15 years and it is possible to say that he ruled the empire in this period. Sultan Selim II never went to campaigns himself. Never commanded his army. Inebahti defeat is a result of his Commander of the Seas Ali Pasha's failure in commanding the navy. Sultan Selim had died on 5th December 1574, in Istanbul. He was the first Ottoman Sultan died in Istanbul.

His Wifes : Nurbanu Sultan
His Sons: Murad III, Abdullah, Osman, Mustafa, Suleyman, Mehmed, Cihangir.
His Daughters: Fatma, Sah, Gevherhan, Esma.