Selim I.

Yavuz Sultan Selim was born on 10th October 1470. His father was Sultan Bayezid II and his mother was Gulbahar Sultana from Dulkadirogulları State. Selim I was a tall and a strong man. He was a very brave soldier and naturally tough. He was very well educated. Selim was very much interested in science and theology beside the governmental issues. He attended the lessons of famous scholar Mevlana Abdulhalim. During the sultanate of his father Bayezid II, Selim was appointed as the Governor of Trabizon (The Black Sea Region of Anatolia). He learnt the administrative regulations and the military system of the Empire there. He ruled the region very successfully. He improved the Ottoman relations with the neighbourhood states. He organised three campaigns to Georgia against their continuos anti-Ottoman propagandas. With these successful campaigns Selim invaded Kars, Erzurum, Artvin (1508). All the Georgians living in those regions converted to Islam.Selim was a brilliant rider and a successful fencer. He was very good at wrestling and archery too. He had a military spirit but he was fond of arts as well. He was very modest; for example; he was used to eat only one sort of food from a wooden plate, in every meal. He never liked vanity, never spent the Empire's money. He was generous with the "ulufe" of the Janissaries and also rewarded them amply for their services. He had invented the Taylesanlı Selimi turban (a type of turban with the end of the wrap or cloth hanging down), and he used to wear this above a handsome headgear, a mücevveze in red velvet similar to the one the Janissaries wore. His attire, moreover, was identical to that of the gazis During his reign, the treasury was completely full. He sealed the treasury and bequeathed as fallow; "If any of my successors could fill the treasury as much as I did, would use his own seal, otherwise they all will use my seal". This will was kept by Selim's successors, as none of the Sultans came after him, could have been filled the treasury as much as he did, his seal was used to lock the treasury for centuries. Although his ancestors were all bearded, he always shaved his beard. He also had an earring. He died on 22th September 1520 because of cancer. He was just fifty years old. The historians agreed on that, he had short but a very brilliant career.

His Wifes : Ayse Hatun, Ayse Hafsa Hatun
His Sons: Suleyman (the Magnificent)
His Daughters: Hatice Sultan, Fatma Sultan, Hafsa Sultan, Shah Sultan)