Osman II.

Sultan Osman II was born on 3rd November 1604, in Istanbul. His father was Sultan Ahmed and his mother was Haseki Sultana who was Greek originated. Osman II was enthroned when he was 14 years old, following his uncle Mustafa's dethronment. When Sultan Osman was enthroned at a young age, his first act was to make changes in administrative duties and among council of state members. The state was Ieft between the war with Persia in the East and the war with Poland in the West. After establishing the required order, Osman II decided for mobilization to Poland in spite of the objection from soldiers, and participated in the mobilization himself.His mother was very careful about his training. Sultan Osman had a strong education. He learned the eastern and the western languages as Arabic, Persian, Latin, Greek and Italian, fluently that he translated the classics. Osman II had a very handsome face, he was so clever, energetic, and bold. Sultan Osman II married Sheikulislam Er'ad Efendi's and Pertev Pasha's daughters but it was untraditional since Sultan Mehmed II's period. This manner of him was a great change because, since the sultanate Selim I, the sultans had not married outside the palace. Osman II could have not found himself a grand vizier who could hold his plans. He was dethroned and murdered in the Yedikule Dungeons, he was buried near the tomb of his father Sultan Ahmed I, in the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Sultan Osman was a reformer, he reformed many governmental issues. He limited the authority of the seyhulislam (Minister of Islamic issues) as soon as he ascended the throne. Sultan Osman was a writer and a poet. He wrote poems in Persian with Farisi pen name. The sultan who was murdered at a very young age revealed his sorrow in his poetry. During the years of his reign, the state had to deal with consecutive natural disasters in Istanbul. One part of the Istanbul Covered Market burnt down in 1621 and the remaning part the following year. Sultan Osman's major intention was to eliminate the Jannissaries, and the Jannissary Corps. He therefore started preparations together with his reliable officers. Studies also continued about the method of establishing a new military discipline which would replace the Jannissary Corps. The Jannissaries heard about these activities and they gathered at the Sultanahmet Square raising some requests in rebellion. Since they conceived that the Sovereign would annihilate them, they acted before him and raided the Palace. They enthroned Sultan Mustafa and strangled a reformist Sovereign.

His Wifes : Akile (Rukiyye) Haným, Ayse Haným
His Sons: Omer, Mustafa
His Daughters: Zeynep