Mustafa III

Sultan Mustafa III was born in January 28, 1717 in Istanbul. His father is Sultan Ahmet III, and his mother is Mihrisah Sultana. He was very well educated and he was interested in astrology. He also researched the Ottoman and Islam histories. Mustafa III was very religious, very merciful and kind hearted. In an earthquake taken two minutes and destroyed more than a half part of Istanbul, he helped the people from his own wealth. Sultan Mustafa III was believing the necessity of a reform. He heard about the reformation of the King of Prussia Fredrick II and sent Ahmet Resmi Efendi there. Fredrick II sent his four secrets with Ahmet Resmi Efendi; "Read history, and examine the experiences". Tried to have a powerful army and during the time peace educate your soldiers. Put emphasis on the economy, fill your treasury with money always. When Sultan heard these he smiled and said; "We desire to achieve these too, but how?". He was thinking that the worst disaster will come from Russia to his country. He worked day and night, he prepared for a possible war. He filled the treasury in order to use in the war. He was planning to open the Suez Canal but he was tied by lack of talented statesmen. During the Ottoman-Russian War he had fallen ill and died because of a hearth attack in 21st of October, 1774. Sultan Mustafa was aware of the fact that a military reform was necessary. He declared new military regulations. He fixed bayonets to the rifles. He established a new artillery. He opened maritime and artillery academies. He obliged even the older soldiers to be educated. Baron de Tott was his most important assistance during these military reformations. Baron modernised the military system. Sultan Mustafa III was a poet, and he has very famous poems.

His Wifes: Avn'ul-Hayat, Mihr-i Shah Mother Sultana, Rif'at, Ayse Adil-shah, Fehmi, Binnaz