Mustafa II

Sultan Mustafa II was born on 6th February 1664, in Istanbul. His father was Sultan Mehmed IV and his mother was Emetullah Rabia Gulnus Sultana. His mother was from Crete. He had a strong science education. On the third day of his accession; he declared a programme (hatti humayun) explaining what he was going to do. In his writing he was telling "We have prohibited ourselves pleasure, delight and comfort". The article that he had written to one of his viziers, was as fallow : "Power and treasury are not necessary for me. If required I can eat only bread. I sacrifice my body for my religion. I forbear every kind of trouble. Until my mission towards my nation finishes I do not return back the campaign. Of course I, myself take part in the campaign."

His Wifes : Ali-cenab, Sheh-Suvar Mother Sultana, Saliha Sebkati Mother Sultana, Huma Shah Haseki, Afife Haseki, Hatice Haseki
His Sons: Mahmud I, Osman III, Ahmed III, Huseyin, Selim, Mehmet, Murad.
His Daughters: Ummugulsum, Ayse, Emetullah, Emine, Rukiye, Sofye, Zahide, Atike, Fatma, Zeyda, Zahide.