Mustafa I

Sultan Mustafa was born in 1592 in Manisa. His father was Mehmet III, his mother was Handan Sultana. He came to throne two times. He had a neurotic character. Sultan Mustafa I lived a prisoners life in his room for fourteen years during his brother Sultan Ahmet's reign. In this period, the throne heirs were isolated or killed to hinder the throne struggles. Sultan Ahmed I did not kill his brother but imprisoned him. The isolation of the heirs was named as the "cage life". After 14 years of cage life, Mustafa came to throne, but, as a result of his abnormal behaviours the military council and the statesmen dethroned him. Sultan Osman II (Osman the Young) ascended the throne after him. But, the yeniceris dismissed Sultan Osman II and killed him. Mustafa was enthroned again. But, after one and a half year he was dethroned. Sultan Mustafa I was a very religious man. He was a very gracious ruler. He thrown golden coins to the pool for the servants. He spent his life by reading books about Islam and praying. When he was invited to the throne for the second time he rejected by saying "I am reading the Koran and I do not want to be the Sultan". His second reign was abolished by the declaration of the Seyhulislam (Minister of Islamic Issues), in this declaration the Seyhulislam said "a neurotic can not be the Caliph". Mustafa I had died 16 years after his dethronment because of a nervous attack he had on 20th January 1639.