Murat V

Sultan Murad V was born in 21.09.1840, in Istanbul. His father is Sultan Abdulmecid and his mother is Sevk-Efza Sultana who was Caucasian originated. Sultan Murad V was very well educated, he learnt French. He ordered books from France and read them most of the time. He was vey much interested in literature. He favoured famous writers of the time Ziya Pasha and Namik Kemal. He was very much influenced by Western culture, he played piano and he composed music in European style. Sultan Murad V went to Europe with Sultan Abdulziz I. During this visit he admired Europe and he became friend with the Prince of Wales Edward (later he was crowned king as Edward VII). Sultan Murad V a very greedy and a very extravagant man. Murad V, succeeded the throne following the dethroning of Sultan Abdulaziz in August 31 1904. However, he disappointed his supporters with his indifference towards the problems of the country. He reigned for 93 days. He dethroned on 31st of August 1876, he lived in the palace for 28 years more and died on 29th August 1904 and he was buried near his mother's tomb in Yeni Mosque.

His Wifes : Elru Mevhibe, Reftar-i Dil, Shayan, Meyl-i Servet