Murat II.

Murad II was born in 1402. His father was Mehmed I and his mother was Emine Sultana from the Dulkadirogullari State. He was a tall man with light complexion, he had a falcon nose and a beautiful face. He spent his chilhood in Amasya and he ascended to the throne at the age of 19. He was a perfect orator. His greatest happiness in life was his excellent son Mehmed (Mehmet the ConquerorMurad II was essentially a man of peace and he prefered to lead a quiet life. But, he had wars and threats of wars thrust continually upon him. He was a very bold, energetic soldier and he ruled his country gloriously and honourably for 30 years. He won the love and respect of the Ottoman people for his spirit of honour and justice, his sincerity and simplicity).

His Wifes : Alime Hatun, Yeni Hatun, Huma Hatun, Tacunnisa Hatice Halime Hatun, Mara Hatun.
His Sons : Mehmed II (The Conqueror), Ahmed, Alaeddin, Orhan, Hasan, Ahmed.
His Daughters : Sehzade and Fatma Sultana.