Murat I

Murad I was born in Bursa, in 1326. His father was Orhan Gazi and his mother was Nilufer Hatun (Holofira) the daughter of a Christian Byzantine Prince. Murad I was a tall man with a round face and a big nose, he had a muscular body. He wore a cap with Mevlevi coins and a testar wrapped on it. He dressed up simple and he liked red and white cloths. He had his first education from his mother. Afterwards, he attended to Bursa Medrese (University) to complete his education and he lived with scientists, theologians and artists.
Murad I was a kind and a calm man. He admired the scientists and the artists. He was gracious to the poor and to the homeless. He was a genius soldier and a statesman. He acted very strictly planned and programmed all his life. Although he was considered as an infidel and an enemy of Christ by the Byzantine Church, he won love and respect of the people who lived in the lands he conquered as he never tyrannised them. Murad I began to be called as "Murad Hudavendigar" in 1382 (Hudavendigar means master in the Ottoman Turkish). Unfortunately, he was stabbed by the son-in-law of the Serbian King Lazar when he was walking through the battle fields after the first Kossovo Battle and he died (1389). Murad widened the Ottoman hold on European territory, conquering Macedonia and making Adrianople his residence. In 1373 he forced Byzantine Emperor to pay tribute. Murad began the policy of compelling Christian youths to join the army corps known as the Janissaries. As a result of his victory at Kosovo Field , Serbia came under Ottoman rule. However, Murad was assassinated in his tent by a Serbian warrior.

His Wifes : Gulcicek Hatun , Marya Thamara Hatun , Pasha Melek Hatun , Fulane Hatun
His Sons : Yakub Celebi, Bayezid, Savci Bey, Ibrahim
His Daughters : Nefise and Sultan Hatun