Celebi Mehmet

Mehmed I was born in Edirne in 1389. His father was Bayezid I and his mother was Devlet Sultan from Germiyanogullari. He was medium height, he had a round face, light complexion and a wide chest. He had a strong body. He was so energetic and brave. He was a very successful archer and wrestler. Mehmed had participated in 24 wars and he had more than 40 wounds. He was very good looking with his saręk (turban) on his head. He used to wear a caftan. Mehmed treated equally to the Muslims and the Christians. He was a brilliant statesman and a politician. He completed his education in the Bursa Palace. Then he was appointed as the Governor of Amasya. During this duty he improved his skills in state administration. Sultan Mehmed united all the clans in Anatolia, and he put an end to the period of Fetret (Interregnum), thus he was named as the second founder of the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Mehmet Celebi had died in Edirne, in 1421. His death was hidden from the army and the people. He was the first sultan whom death was concealed. He was buried in the Yesil Turbe (Green Tomb) in Bursa.

His Wifes : Sheh-zade Kumru Hatun , Emine Hatun
His Sons : Mustafa Celebi, Murad II, Ahmed, Yusuf, Mahmud.
His Daughters : Fatma Sultana, Selcuk Sultana