Mehmet IV

Sultan Mehmet IV was born in January 2nd 1642, in Istanbul. His father is Sultan Ibrahim I and his mother is Turhan Hatice Sultana. Turhan Sultana was Russian originated. She had taken care of Mehmet's education. Sultan Mehmet was a brilliant rider and a hunter. He was interested in literature. Mehmet IV came to throne after his father's murder in August 8, 1648. Sultan Mehmet was only seven when he was accessed. He was a religious man. He prohibited alcohol, and closed the alcohol manufacturers. He had chosen his grand viziers from the family of Koprulu. Under the administration of Ahmed Koprulu the empire recovered from its depression. Moreover, the Ottoman Empire has reached its largest territories. Sultan Mehmet IV had spent most his life with palace intrigues. After the Ottomans had been defeated in Vienna, the council dethroned him in November 8, 1687. Until his death he was imprisoned in his room with two concubines. He had died in Edirne, in 1693 and he was buried in Istanbul.

His Wifes : Meh-pare Emetullah Rabi'a Gulnush Mother Sultana, Afife Kadin, Gulnar Kadin, Kaniye Haseki, Siyavush Haseki
His Sons: Mustafa II, Ahmed III, Beyazid
His Daughters: Hatice, Safiye, Ummu Gulsum,Fatma