Mehmet III

Sultan Mehmed III was born in Manisa, on 26th May 1566. His father was Sultan Murad III and his mother was Safiye Sultana. His grandfather Suleyman the Magnificent gave his name as an attribution to Mehmed the Conqueror. Mehmed was medium size and he had a handsome face. He had a very strong education. He attended the classes of famous scholar Hoca Sadeddin Efendi. In 1583, he was appointed as Manisa governor. On 27th January 1595, he succeeded his father. Sultan Mehmed III admired his mother. His mother Safiye Sultana benefited from this and she dominated the state by using her influence on her son. She forced the sultan to be acted in the way she desired. Mehmed III was a very religious sultan, he appreciated Islam. He was so sensitive that on hearing bad news he had fallen ill. The Celali revolts and the Iran Wars made him so depressed. He prohibited alcohol and closed all the taverns.

His Wifes : Handan Mother Sultana, Fulane Mother Sultana, Fulane Haseki
His Sons: Ahmed I, Mustafa I, Selim, Mahmut