Mehmet Vahdettin

He is the last of the 36 Ottoman Sultans. He was the son of Sultan Abdulmecid, his mother is Gulistu Sultana. He was born on 2nd February 1861. He lost his parent in his early ages. His father died in the year he was born and his mother has passed away a few years later. As an orphan prince, he was taken care of one of his father's wives Sayeste. His older brother Sultan Abdulhamit II took care of Vahiduddin's education. He always loved and protected his younger brother. Sultan Vahiduddin was an intelligent and literate man. He usually liked to read the Islamic works. He was exceptionally intelligent, kind and elegant. He used to listen much but speak less. During, his visit of Vienna, everybody had admired his politeness. He used to listen others with a great attention. When Sultan Mehmed Resat accessed, Yusuf Izzettin the oldest son of Sultan Abdulaziz was his successor. But, Yusuf Izzettin had died and Vahiduddin became the crown prince. The World War I started when Vahiduddin was a crown prince. During the war, he officially visited Germany. Following the death of Sultan Mehmed Resad he was crowned Sultan with the name Sultan Mehmed Vahiduddin VI.

His Wifes : Emine Nazik-eda, Sadiye Meveddet, Insirah, Nevvare, Ni'met Nev-zad.