Mahmud II

Sultan Mahmoud II was born in Istanbul in July 20, 1785. His father was Sultan Abdulhamid I and his mother was Naksidil Sultana. Mahmoud came to the throne in 1808, in his twenty fourth year. While heir presumptive, he had been carefully instructed by Sultan Selim III in those measures of reform necessary to save the empire from dissolution. Mahmoud was qualified by an extraordinary energy. As an intellectual and intelligent young individual he followed closely the reforms in Europe. He especially, reformed the judicial system. He restored and modified many regulations. He died from tuberculosis in July, 1 1839, at the age of 54. His funeral was so crowded, and he was buried in Divan Yolu.

His Wifes : Bezm-i Alem Mother Sultana, Pertev-niyal (Nihal) Mother Sultana, Haciye Pertev-Piyale Nev-fidan, Ali-cenab, Fatma, Asub-i Can, Haciye Hosh-yar, Nurtab, Misl-i Na-yab, Perviz-felek, Vuslat, Zer-nigar, Ebr-i Reftar.
His Sons : Abdulmecid, Abdulaziz, four shahzadahs called Ahmed, Bayezid, Abdulhamit, Suleyman, Mehmet, Murad, Nizameddin, Mehmed Abdullah, Osman.
His Daughters: Emine Sultan, Hamide Sultan, Hayriye Sultan, Shah Sultan, Salihe Sultan, Ayse Sultan, Atike Sultan, Fatma Sultan, Munire Sultan, Fatma Sultan, Fihrimah Sultan, Adile Sultan.