Mahmut I

Sultan Mahmud I was born on 2nd August 1696, in Istanbul. His father was Sultan Mustafa II and his mother was Saliha Mother Sultana. He raised up with the love and interest of his grand mother Gulnus Sultana. Although he had lived behind the lattice; with the help of his intelligence, good-will and strong character he saved himself being spoiled. He had lessons from different teachers. He was interested in history, literature and poems. He especially studied music. Sultan Mahmud I came to the throne, when he was 35 years old, on 1st November 1730. He choose valuable people of his age and appointed them. He was a man of good character, determination, tender, mercy, patience and forbearance. He lived for the welfare of his people not for his own pleasure. By this way, he did not repeat his father's and uncle's failures. Sultan Mahmud I, spent his last two years being ill. At the age of 59, in 13th December 1754 he had passed away. He was buried in the tomb of Mustafa II in Yeni Mosque (The New Mosque).

His Wifes : Hace Ali-cenab: First wife, Hace Ayse Kadin, Hace Verd-i Naz, Hatice Rami, Hatem, Raziye Kadin.