Beyazit II.

Sultan Bayezid was born in Dimetoka on 3rd December 1448. He was the son of Mehmet the Conqueror. His mother was Mukrime Hatun. Bayezid was a brave, religious and a calm man. His father Sultan Mehmet II was an admirer of science and he put great emphasis on his son's education. As all the sehzades of the Ottoman Empire, Bayezid was also very well educated by the famous scholars of the period. He was only seven when he was appointed as the Governor of Amasya a centre of culture and civilisation since The Seljuk Empire. This city was ideal for the education of an heir apperant. Sultan Bayezid II was a very religious man and very fond of literature. He invited many famous poets to the palace. He was so gracious that he always helped the poor. He had spoken Arabic and Persian fluently, afterwards, he learnt Cagatay and Uygur dialects. Besides theology, he studied philosophy and mathematics. He left the throne on 24th April 1512 and passed away one month later.

His Wifes : - Nigar Hatun, Sirin Hatun, Gulruh Hatun, Bulbul Hatun, Husnushah Hatun, Gulbahar Hatun, Ferahshad Hatun, Ayse Hatun
His Sons: Mahmud, Ahmed, Seyidsah, Selim, Mehmed, Korkud, Abdullah and Alimsah.
His Daughters: Aynisah, Gevher, Muluk, Hatice, Selcuk and Huma