Beyazid I

Bayezid was born in Edirne in 1360. His father was Murad I and his mother was Gulcicek Sultana. Bayezid had a round face, light complexion, ram nose, hazel eyes, blond hair, thick beard and large shoulders. Because of his bravery, he was called as "Yildirim"(thunderbolt). He spent his childhood with his brothers in the Bursa Palace. He was educated by the famous scholars of the time. In his youth, he was appointed as the governor of Kutahya province. Due to Sultan Murad's (Murad I) testament, he crowned in 1389 at the age of 29. He besieged Byzantine Emperor at Constantinople, then overcame the Turkish rulers in E Anatolia and defeated the army of Sigismund of Hungary at Nicopolis.In Serbia, Stefan Lazaroevic son of the King Lazar crowned king. He came to Edirne for the peace treaty and he gave his sister to Bayezid and with this marriage, Ottoman - Serbian friendship was accomplished. Unfortunately, Bayezid, was defeated in the Ankara War by Timur (the Mongolian Khan). Timur slaved him and Bayezid died in seven months twelve days. His sultanate took 13 very victorious years but ended very sadly. He wore clothes of brocade with a white loose neck and his turban was coiled and wound round a gold embroidered üsküf. He received a great amount of money from taxation so that the treasury became very rich. Regular pay was distributed to the soldiers for the first time during his reign.

His Wifes : Shah Hatun , Devlet Hatun , Hafsa Hatun, Sultan Hatun, Marya Olivera Despina Hatun
His Sons : Musa Celebi, Suleyman Celebi, Mustafa Celebi, Isa Celebi
His Daughters : Fatma Sultana.