Ahmet I

Sultan Ahmed I was born on 18th April 1590 in Manisa. His father was Sultan Mehmet III, his mother was Handan Sultana. He was very well educated, he had spoken Arabic and Persian fluently. He was a very brilliant rider, and a fencer. He was a successful soldier and he was very fond of archery and hunting. He had dressed up so modest. He came to throne after his father's death on 21st December 1603. Sultan Ahmed I was the first sovereign who organised the administrative regulations since Suleyman the Magnificent. He was a political genius, although he ascended throne very young he administrated the empire very successfully. In Sultan Ahmed's life the number 14 was important. He came to throne in the age of 14, he reigned for 14 years and he was the 14th sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He had died at the age of 28 because of typhus (22nd November 1617).

His Wifes : Hatice Mahfiruz Sultana, Kosem Sultana (Mahpeyker Sultan), Fatma Haseki
His Sons: Osman II, Murad IV, Ibrahim, Bayezid, Suleyman, Kasim, Mehmed, Hasan, Selim, Hanzade, Ubeyde
His Daughters: Gevherhan, Ayse, Fatma,Atike