Ahmet III

Sultan Ahmed III was born on the 30th of December in 1673. His father is Mehmet IV and his mother is Emetullah Sultana. Sultan Ahmed is brother of Sultan Mustafa II. Ahmed was a tall man, he was a brunette with a falcon nose. He was so intelligent and gentile. He was very well educated by famous scholSultan Ahmed III acceded the throne after his brother Sultan Mustafa II's death. He reigned in the Tulip Period, he was a poet and a calligrapher. He was interested in music, as wellars. He followed the reforms and improvements in Europe closely. He brought print to the Ottoman Empire. He reigned for 27 years until the revolt of Patrona Halil. He left the throne in 1st of October, 1730. Sultan Ahmed III tried to restore the undisciplined yeniceri corps, in his early sultanate. But, he was ineffective on the yeniceris as they favoured him for the throne. Sultan Ahmed, appointed Corlulu Ali Pasha to be his grand vizier. Corlulu Ali Pasha assisted him in administration, re-organised the financial issues and supported him against his rivals. During the reign of Sultan Ahmed III, the tension between the Ottoman Empire and Russia had increased. The reason was, Russia's policy of retain the Mediterranean by dominating all the Slavs.

His Wifes : - Emetullah, Rukıyye, Emine Mihrishah, Hatice, Rabi'a Shermi Kadin, Zeyneb Kadın, Emine Musall Kadin, Hanife Kadın, Gulshen Kadin, Ummu Gulsum Kadin, Hurrem Kadin, Meyli Kadin, Fatma Huma Shah Kadin, Nijad Kadin, Nazife Kadin.
His Sons: Abdulhamid I, Mustafa III, Sulryman, Bayezid, Mehmed, Ibrahim, Numan, Selim, Ali, Isa, Murad, Seyfeddin, Abdulmecid, Abdulmelik
His Daughters: Emine, Rabia, Habibe, Zeyneb, Zubeyde, Esma, Hatice, Rukiye, Saliha, Atike, Reyhan, Esime, Ferdane, Nazife, Naile, Ayse, Fatma, Emetullah, Ummuselma, Sabiha