Sultan Adulaziz I was born in 8th of February in 1830, in Istanbul. He is the son of Sultan Mahmud II and Pertevniyal Mother Sultana. Abdulaziz had a auburn complexion. He acceded the throne after his brother Sultan Abdulmecid I's death, in 25th of June in 1861, he was 31 years old. Although he had reputation of his extravagancy he dressed up very simply. He was in his 9th year when his father had passed away. His brother, Sultan Abdulmecid I had taken care of his education. He learnt French, he was fond of music and poetry, he was a composer himself. He was a talented painter as well. He designed ships for the navy. He was a brilliant archer, hunter and a wrestler. He was physically strong and muscular.

His Wifes : Durr-i Nev, Hayran-i Dil, Eda-Dil, Nes'erek (Nesrin), Gevheri