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Ranking Structure

These titles could have different meaning in different areas or types of unit.Basically, however, ranks ran as follows

Administrative Officers
Nazır : Supervisor of a Crops
Ağa : Commander of a regimentor large unit
Kethüda : Lieutenant or assistant to a commanding officer
Kethüda Yeri :  
Executive Officers
Katib : Chief Scribe
Çavuş Başı : Sergeant-Major
Kapuçu : Chief Orderly
Operational Offices
Çorbacı : Colonel
Odabaşı : Colonel's Assistant
Vakilharç : Commissary
Bayraktar : Standard Bearer
Aşçı başı : Chief Cook
Saki : Water Bearer

These last three were middle-ranking field officers.There were also various mülazim and kullukçu, junior officers or orderlies, and çavuş ( sergeant or disciplinary officer)

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