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A Mosque in the Dunavat District

The relationship between the Ottoman State and , Albania began after 1325. Albania became an Ottoman territory during the reign of Murad 11 (1421-1451). The country was divided into "timars" in accordance with the Ottoman economic system. The first known and published Ottoman document is a sanjak-i defter dated 835/1431 (H.Ynalcik, Survey of suret-i defter-i sanjak-i Arnavid, Ankara, 1954). Albania, occupying a much larger region then today, became an independent State in 1912.

Halwati Tekke 1782

The number of buildings dating from Ottoman times and preserved until today are: Fortresses (6), Mosques (IS), Public Baths (4), Bridges (5), Tekke (1), Shops and Trade Centers (4), Aqueducts (1) Clock Towers (1) and Houses. According to the scrutinised wakf documents, the original number of these buildings were as follows. Fortresses (9), Mosques (482), Madrasas (28), Public Schools (1 I 1), Tekke and Zawiyas (144), Public Kitchens (9), Khans (123), Public Baths (18), Shrines (38), Bridges (18) and Fountains (13) (Ayverdi). Most of these buildings were constructed in towns which were at some time or other administrative centers of the sanjak: Kruje, V,lore Berat, Gjirokaster, Elbasan, Korçe, Shkoder, Tepelene and Tirane

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