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Kadı : a judge administering both seriat and kanun
Kadıasker : a highest judicial authority of the empire after the seyhulislam
Kafes : an apartment in the Palace in which a royal prince was secluded
Kahya Bey : the grand vizier's agent in military and political matters
Kalfa : a senior clerk in the bureaucracy
Kanun : a secular law or laws issued by the Sultan.

Kanun-i Osmani : the legal code of the Ottoman sultans
Kanunname : a code of laws; a collection of sultanic laws
Kapi : 'gate' , 'porte' , ottoman goverment
Kapikulu : 'slave of the Porte', a devsirme or slave employed in military, administative or Palace Service
Kapudan-i Derya : the grand admiral of the Ottoman fleet
Kethuda : steward, agent, representative of an organization to the goverment
Kiler : the office of the palace larder
Kul : a slave of the sultan
Levend : a landless and unemployed person