The Mehterhane, or military band coprs, had long been a distinctive feature of the Ottoman Army.Mehterhane bands normally stood ina crescent formation.The kös player stood slightly forward,like a star within this crescent Before the band started to play a junior sergeant stepped forward and called "Attention Mehterbaşı Aga, it is time for happiness and fun".The concert then began with the Mehterbasi shouting "Haydi Ya Allah!" - "Attention, let's go.
The history of Mehter that (which is) considered as the oldest military of the world, reaches to Orhun inscriptions that are the oldest written sources of Turkish history from VIIth century. Mehter, today, is a splended monument of Turkish heroism and understanding of domination reaching to universal dimensions. The first military band of the World history carries the emotive rhytms of ancient Turkish music to the present time.

The clothing of Mehter has the distinct characteristics and beauty with regard to its color and cut. It's possible to see all the colors on their costumes. The instruments used are shrill pipe,pipe,kos drum, kettle drum,bell and human voice.

Mehter, considered as the beginning of the history of military music and the founder of world's military bands, today, continues its actions in the constitution of Istanbul Military Museum and Culturel Center which belongs to the General Staff.

Mehter, attracting the interest of the whole World with itsconcerts in the country and abroad, continues its presence and effective power today and keeps its lovely place in the hearth of Turkish Republic.